Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sydenham Mosaic Project – a work in progress!

The Sydenham Mosaic is an exciting piece of public art by the mosaicist Oliver Budd, designed to enhance the front of the Naborhood Centre (next to the post office in Sydenham Road). The project was conceived by Bishopsthorpe residents Valerie Kelly and Robert Side in 2009 and is supported by the Sydenham Assembly and many local residents.
By the end of the summer 2010 a design for the mosaic had been agreed. A series of spherical roundels will feature characters and scenes from Sydenham’s history – the image here shows the artist Pissaro, whose painting of Lawrie Park Avenue hangs in the National Gallery.
All that remains now is to continue with the fund-raising, and many neighbours have played a significant part in fund-raising activities. The Thorpes attic sale and Ritz tea in September was great fun and raised nearly £2,000. And for the second year running carol singing around the Thorpes took place during a blizzard! A gallant band of singers and collectors continued until they were not only soaked and frozen but their carol sheets were reduced to papier-mâché. However, thanks to the generosity of neighbours, £408.17 was raised.
Other fund-raising suggestions include the offer of dinner at 15 Bishopsthorpe Road. The first “15 Bishopsthorpe” dinner was held just before Christmas. The idea is to provide a three-course meal for a group of 10-12 people who bring their own wine. The first, a local reading group, celebrated Christmas and two 60th birthdays. It was a bit of a challenge as one diner was vegetarian, one was a coeliac and another had a dairy intolerance! However, the group reassured us that it was a great success and the Mosaic Project made £225. If any Thorpe residents are interested having a group dinner at 15 Bishopsthorpe do let us know. Meanwhile another resident has suggested a series of “Come dine with me” events for four couples, an idea we are now exploring.
We are also delighted to announce that two of the roundels have now been sponsored. The one of Pissarro is sponsored by John Fried of Woodfalls Opticians and that of Sir Ernest Shackleton (currently in production) by the Shackleton Society.
Valerie Kelly
020-8778 4775