Monday, January 24, 2011

A 20mph Zone for the Thorpes?

On the 17 November, Lewisham’s Mayor & Cabinet confirmed a £70,000 road scheme for the Thorpes to be implemented in 2012-13. The idea would be to consult residents on a 20mph zone for the Thorpes and at the same time look at methods of dealing with the east-west “rat-run” that includes Bishopsthorpe Road. If approved the 20mph zone would be implemented and the speed of traffic monitored to gauge the success of the scheme.
The Thorpes Resident’s Association committee warmly welcome this initiative as they have long campaigned for schemes to reduce rat-running through the neighbourhood as well as methods of reducing the speed of traffic through the estate. Over the last 10 years residents have complained about the speed and trajectory of vehicles entering the neighbourhood – in particular drivers who, often without signalling, turn off Mayow Road into the Thorpes, cutting the corner at speed. Hopefully, a well designed road scheme can ensure that the neighbourhood is a great deal safer and more comfortable to live in.
The new road improvement scheme for Sydenham Road will involve a number of changes to the local road layout which will affect the Thorpes. For example, the junction of Queensthorpe Road and Sydenham Road will be closed to road vehicles and there will be two lanes running from Mayow Road into Sydenham Road rather than a single carriageway. The committee believe that we have to see how the new traffic flow adjusts to these changes before we design a scheme for the Thorpes.
A 20mph zone for the Thorpes is an exciting and welcome proposal. Please come along to the AGM and share your views on this vital issue.