Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ELL to open on 23rd May!

It now seems virtually certain that the West Croydon/Crystal Palace leg of the line will launch on the 23rd May with the New Cross to Dalston section opening from the 4th April.
On the 18th January, the construction team on the ELL handed the line over to TfL. Now it’s down to TfL to complete the work of training staff, testing trains and making sure signalling systems work.
Travel times northwards to Canada water from Sydenham are as follows:

00:00:00 Canada Water
00:02:00 Surrey Quays
00:05:00 New Cross Gate
00:08:00 Brockley
00:11:00 Honor Oak Park
00:14:00 Forest Hill
00:16:30 Sydenham

Here is an update on what’s happening on our local

railway system:

• TfL has taken over local stations with a commitment to staff stations from 'first to last train'.
• At the end of 2010 no more direct trains to Charing Cross. 
• Oyster PAYG introduced 2nd January 2010. 
• May 23 2010 – major change to services: 
  – ELL commences (8tph from Dalston to Crystal P/
     West Croydon).
  – Off-peak and evening services to and from
     London Bridge reduced to 4 per hour
  – Loop line to Victoria starts early.
  – 6 tph to West Croydon
  – 6 tph service to East Croydon with interchange at

     Norwood Junction.
• By end 2010, all platforms along line extended to carry 10/12 carriage trains.